Episode 356

Episode 320 – Falcon and Winter Soldier, the Lethal Weapons of the MCU

Karen is back with the brothers to talk MCU Karen Brizuela is back again for Part Two of discussion and this time we tackle Falcon and The Winter Soldier (1:04) Falcon and the Winter Soldier review. What were our favorite parts of the show? (15:08) and what our thoughts were on the last episode, if it delivered, and what surprises were planned and didn’t happen. (22:55) (28:04) We reminisce about the older Marvel films, and the template they created for their films, and how that formula has changed. We discuss the weaknesses of the older films, their one-trick villains, and how the new formula through the last two Avengers films reinvigorated the franchise and fixed that villain problem, which has continued with WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Red Skull, Mandarin, Loki, and Thanos… which ones worked and why. (34:44) We discuss Iron Man as a franchise versus Captain America. (36:08) What were our favorite groups of films in the MCU? Here’s a hint, it ain’t Iron Man. (44:48) Marvel Studios just put out an emotional trailer reminding us all what we have been missing in the theatres. What were our thoughts on it, and what are we anticipating on the next slate of films? (57:48) And just how good was that new Loki Trailer? (1:01:38) Question of the week this week comes from James Beaver. Be ready for the odd question followed by a classis FastFret response. #falconandthewintersoldier #MCU #Redskull #mandarin #Thanos #captainamerica #ironman #eternals #loki Website: www.seanmcginity.ca Meet The Geeks: http://mtgcomic.thecomicseries.com/ @seangeekpodcast on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @toddgeek on Twitter @fastfretfingers on Instagram @ToddGeeks Tech Talk on Facebook @the_real_meet_the_geeks on Instagram @podioanthq @mbpodfest @beaverdoes

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Hi, I am Sean "SeanGeek" McGinity. And I am a geek. For me, the definition of the word geek comes from liking something so much, that I deep dive into it. Not just consuming it... but becoming it. I "geek out". Everything started with comics. I read them and studied them with a fine eye, and then started making my own. Since then, I have "geeked out" on movies (Star Wars The Evil WIthin, Hurt), music writing, recording, and performing (The Classic Embers and Dome), writing (the Symka comic and the upcoming Intuitives novel), and now... this Podcast.
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Hey guys, SeanGeek here. Just to be clear, this is me geeking out on Todd "FastFretFingers" McGinity here. Todd is the GOAT. My brother is an established musician, mastering the Fretboard with a blistering discipline. If there was a guitar style, tone, pitch... Todd would find a way to replicate it. From his early days mastering Van Halen and Rush, his musical palate has expanded with forays into classical and flamenco, hard rock, blues and pop. From live performances to learning the recording process, when it comes to music, he has done it all.