Episode 341

Episode 341 – Robbing Hobbes Lead to Miniature Rubik Yo-Yos


Rob Kristjansson is back.

(0:53) You know that decal of that little kid taking a piss on the Ford, Chevy or “insert brand name here” company logo on the back window of people’s trucks was never legally licensed? That image is from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip created by Bill Watterson. It was never approved, Watterson has never been paid, and companies continue to take advantage of the image to diminish someone else’s brand.

(16:01) We also discuss Canadian sitcoms Kim’s Convenience, Corner Gas, Trailer Park Boys, Schitt’s Creek and continuations of shows with animated follow ups.

(28:09) When we were younger, certain things trended hard in the age before the Internet. We cover some of these worldwide trends: Red Rose Tea miniatures, yo-yos, Rubik’s Cube, Hacky Sacks, and Super Mario.

(43:15) We do Podcast Introductions, our skit where we read your Podcast description in a character voice of our choosing. This week we do up Living Through Extinction and Giving Up The Ghost.

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Reel Debaters

Giving Up The Ghost

Jim and Rob Overanalyze Everything:


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