Episode 352

Episode 352 – Tony From Restrayned: Guitar Slinging and Kiss Kruising

We welcome Tony the Brick from the band Restrayned to the show. What a blast, what a professional, and what an amazing guest. Thanks, Tony!

(6:38) We break into Tony’s musical journey from his earliest band and starting Restrayned. Just how were these albums put together, from writing and recording, and just how special a band Restrayned is. (33:06) The Shout It Out Loudcast may call him curmudgeon, but we call him the Brick. How did Tom and Zeus and their endless ribbing of Tony get under SeanGeek’s skin and make him a fan.

(35:06) Tony talks all the Kiss Kruise. Tony attended along with the alum over at Shout It Loudcast and the great Pooni brothers and he has some stories to tell. (45:59) We talk team Ace and when Ace let Tony down and when SeanGeek was propped up. (50:03) Brent Fitz is a Canadian treasure and proved his worth yet again during the Kruise. And just what great Canadian bands did the show push onto Tony. (55:00) And how great is Brian Adams? Tony will tell you. (55:52) How elusive was Kiss on the cruise and just how great was Queensryche? (58:04) We talk The Charismatic Voice on YouTube and Helloween. (1:04:32) And we finish the show with: Would Tony ever play with Don Dokken?

You can hear Restrayned on your favorite music streaming service but if you really want to support them, throw some shekels the band’s way over at their store:


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